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Riunione in ufficio


TAMTAMINGindicates the action of 'do TamTam' that is, to disseminate information in person
person, as happened among primitive tribes with the typical percussion instrument, and as happens today with the more modern 'word of mouth'.

Amix of tradition and innovationin a new way of interacting between professionals
Social and Marketing Research who wish to share and spread the value of research.

Bosco verticale


  • Innovation: we are updated on methodologies, new approaches, trending topics and organize events to disseminate the value of research

  • Ethics: we work independently, with intellectual honesty and correctness, the research data they are not used for other similar projects, we follow the guidelines drawn up by the sector associations (International Code of Conduct/Esomar

  • Trust: we protect the data and information shared by the Customer and are committed to keeping the stimulus material confidential: prototypes, names, brands, concepts, videos, etc. by having the interviewees sign a confidentiality agreement

  • Professionalism: we are a team of expert researchers with multidisciplinary and many years of experience. We integrate individual specializations and methods used to produce creative ideas and enrich the final result

Image by Mitchell Luo

TAMTAMING: the idea

"The idea was born a few years ago: stimulate collaboration between market research colleagues  which in Anglo-Saxon countries is a kingconsolidated height while for us Italians it is aauthentic challenge, considering the individualistic attitude present in this sector, competitive and not inclined to share skills. 

I started contacting colleagues with a similar approach to mine and little by little, doing 'tam tam'  the 1st June 2022, TAMTAMING was introduced to researchers and market research service providers.

In 2 years we have proven thatit is possible to switch from 'competition' to 'collaboration' whereeach of us has specializations that make us unique and lead us to generate new synergies, between ourselves and to offer to customers.

We meet online once a week andcwe share ideas, exchange information and experiences;we create new initiatives to disseminate the value of Marketing research to startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc.

TAMTAMING, the first community of independent expert researchers, arisestwo objectives

  1. Thesupport between colleaguesi, in the various phases of the research, networking and communicating through our 'collaborative email'

  2. therecreation of a strong community to highlight the importance of turning to consultants in market research with the aim of knowing your current and prospective consumer, the market potential, the culture and the demands of the countries to which you wish to export your product."

Giulia Fabrizi, founder of TAMTAMING 

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