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TAMTAMING disseminates the value of marketing research


TAMTAMING offers companies innovative methodologies

TAMTAMING offers ad hoc training interventions

TAMTAMING provides a team with diversified skills

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THEn TAMTAMING we share our knowledgethrough:

- Email shared in real time, among all subscribers, for the purpose of:

. search for professionals with whom he collaboratesre on specific research projects.

. consult on various topics,  as new research methodologies.

. exchange ideas on various research areas and ways to address them 

- Information archive.


We participate in initiatives organized by members and non-members, as:

- Business Speed Date to get to know other members, grow and increase self-awareness in working relationships, thanks to valuable feedback

- Thematic and interactive webinars

- Online and/or offline events

- 'Open Days' to introduce TAMTAMING to colleagues and other professionals



We promote moments of dissemination of skills, through:

- Paid training courses (with discounted prices for members) remotely and/or in person on new methodologies, contamination with other disciplines, use of software, etc. 

- In-depth study days on relevant topics

- Creative workshops 

We propose initiatives in line with the values of TAMTAMING, as:

-The well-being of people:

. Market Research in the Company for the well-being of the community 

. Brands and their active commitment to the well-being of the individual, society and the planet

. The themes of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality and the ways to address them in a concrete way

- Business growth: 

- The rebirth of Italian SMEs 

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