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A rapidly changing world: how are values changing globally? FROM IPSOS

The three evident changes in values

For us researchers, it is essential to always be updated on new trends, especially in a period like the one we are experiencing, which, not surprisingly, is defined as 'VUCA' (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology and digitalization by about 10 years and Meta is revolutionizing the world of social media.Big Data, which on the one hand has demonstrated its usefulness especially for vaccination plans, on the other has increased the spread of fake news and boycotts.Ipsos, which has been probing trends globally since 2013, involving 25 countries and monitoring public opinion on various topics, here's what he highlighted with the latest detection.

The most evident value changes include three aspects

  1. Authenticity is King: the value and social side of brands that leads consumers to prefer brands capable of reflecting their personal values (70%) and to take sides actively for social and political issues (in Italy as many as 53%);

  2. A divided world: the differences between the online world and offline, where, especially Gen Z, notes the complexity of online purchases compared to the use of traditional channels, even if in general online shopping services are perceived as easy and simple;

  3. Peak globalization: the consequences of globalization lead to contrasting opinions, those who support the effects of globalization, compared to those who, like us Italians, tend to prefer local products thanks to the perceived quality.



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