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TAMTAMING: the Community of Independent Expert Researchers

TAMTAMING: what is itTAMTAMING is the place where you can find tips, support, advice and much more. In this space you meet colleagues, potential collaborators, suppliers and anyone who can be useful to you at any stage of a project, from sourcing to conducting the fieldwork until the presentation of the results.It aims to connect, inform, and encourage sharing and collaboration.TAMTAMING promotes the growth of the individual and the group, enhancing the uniqueness of individual professionals, all equally protagonists in disseminating the value of market research and make them appreciated by all types of organizations.TAMTAMING is dedicated to freelance professionals, to those who work in small institutes (up to 3 people) and to providers of Market Research services. strong>TAMTAMING: how it was bornTAMTAMING evokes the action of 'making TamTam', that is, spreading information from person to person, as happened among primitive tribes with the typical percussion instrument, and as happens today, with the more modern 'word of mouth'. A mix of tradition and innovation in a new way of interacting between Market Research professionals.The three key words of the TAMTAMING Community

  1. Sharing: as in the world of cooking, very often a single mind is not enough to create perfection: it is the union of different knowledge and specializations that allows us to overcome the boundary between what is good and what is exceptional.

  2. Experience: just like the Chef, the Researcher also selects his ingredients, his research tools, and mixes them wisely, based on his training, his style and his personality.

  3. Uniqueness: each person is different and special in their own way, capable of always creating something unique and new, combining skills, innovation and creativity, typical of Italian "know-how".< /p>

Like a Chef, the Researcher carefully selects his "ingredients", his research tools, mixing them together according to his personality and professionalism. For this reason, every Chef is unique as is every researcher.



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